Dialogue across Three Generations: Remarkable, Outstanding, Emerging.

Central to the contemporary jewellery exhibition TRIPLE PARADE, is a main dialogue between three generations of 3 designers Gijs Bakker, Lucy Sarneel, Jie . The first remarkable, the second outstanding and the third one emerging. And then, this dialogue will be spread out to another 3 designers – Dinie Besems, Manon van Kouswijk, Boris de Beijer. This interaction and diversity dialogue of 6 designers deepen the understanding of recent developments in (Dutch) design culture and jewellery design.

The name of the exhibition is based on the famous saying of Confucius: “Even when walking in a party of just three, I can always be certain of learning from those I am with. There will be good qualities that I can select for imitation and bad ones that will teach me what requires correction in myself.” This exhibition has turned out to be a parade of adventurous, singular and well thought-out pieces, presented in unprecedented formations and unexpected appearances.


The exhibition showed at (locations):
Beijing: Ubi Gallery, 3rd-26th March 2014.
Shenzhen: OCT-LOFT Museum Galleries A3, 30th of March-20th of April 2014.

Project Management: TRIPLE PARADE Organization Committee
Exhibition Curator: Machtelt Schelling
Exhibition Producer: Liu Gang
Exhibition Design: Dai Pu

This project is Studio TRIPLE PARADE Organization Committee collaboration with Ubi Gallery, OCT-LOFT Museum Galleries, The PIN Projects, CAFA Art Museum, Central Academy of Fine Arts. Support by Creative Industries Fund NL, Dutch Consulate General Guangzhou, OCT-LOFT.

“ It is a great pleasure to see this exhibition come into being. ‘Triple Parade’ is an excellent example of cultural exchange between China and the Netherlands on a multitude of levels. The exchange of cultures is of paramount importance as a means to a deeper understanding, which in turn paves the way for better relations in many other areas, not only cultural, but also political and economic. “– Mr. Aart Jacobi ( Foreword, Triple Parade 2014 )
The Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Beijing


Boris de Beijer

Dinie Besems

Gijs Bakker

Lucy Sarneel

Manon van Kouswijk