The prestigious annual international cultural project, has become one of the leading contemporary applied art and design exhibition, where cultural exchanges are expanded between China and the rest of the world on a multitude of levels.

Jewellery is not just a form, and it also explores the complex and dynamic relationships between people, people and objects, people and society, and people and the world as a whole. The evolvement of jewellery reflects changes in social trends and culture, which displays more diverse elements in the contemporary context. This biennale is themed “Three Times”, indicating that it will inspire intriguing exploration and dialogue between time and space. Timewise, it showcases the past – tradition and singularity, the present – existence of diverse values and dimensions, and the future – a reality that not yet exists and has every possibility. Spacewise, it connects Shanghai, one of the world’s top metropolitans; China, a rising nation; and the whole world, an ever-changing arena.
The term Dialogue across You and Me to Them: Creator, Wearer, Viewer in our theme is vitally important marks the notion of social interaction. We believe that the significance and multiple capacities of the dialogue mark have not been truly recognized. Each of the three roles in a dialogue, which are briefly introduced in the plate sections devoted to them, addresses one perspective on how " Dialogue" plays a progressive position in the contemporary jewellery design of our period.
Dialogue across Three Countries: Finland, Belgium, China The TRIPLE PARADE continues its collaboration with leading institutes in between Europe and China, presenting the second edition, TRIPLE PARADE 2015 - International Contemporary Jewellery Festival. From 19 to 24 May 2015 (exhibition till 29 May), hosted by Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts and TAFA Art Museum in Tianjin/China. TRIPLE PARADE 2015 is encompassing a series of exciting programmes: Central Exhibition, Special Lecture Series, Jewellery Forum, and Design Research Workshops, during Tianjin International Design Week 2015, welcoming a wide range of audience to engage with the Festival. A creation beyond the definition of Triple or Parade, in order to find tools and conversation for the future makes possible new beginnings. It is through the plurality of “languages” of this year’s TRIPLE PARADE that the International Contemporary Jewellery Festival emerges.
Dialogue across Three Generations: Remarkable, Outstanding, Emerging. It creates a dialogue across three generations of jewellery designer, and shown high quality works from them. It innovated and diversified the focus of design-sector particularly into jewellery.


Ad van Rosmalen

Head of Sint Lucas School of Art and Design Antwerp


Renowned Chinese Contemporary Art Curator

Corinne Noordenbos

Professor, Royal Academy of Arts in Hague, NL


Professor, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, CN

Gijs Bakker

World Renowned Designer

Glenn Adamson

Director of Museum of Art and Design, New York


Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

Central Academy of Fine Arts & CAFA Art Museum

National Creative Industries Fund NL

Kuopio Academy of Design

Kuopio City Hall

Embassy of Finland in China

Dutch Culture Center for International Cooperation

St Lucas University College of Art & Design Antwerp

International Jewellery Magazine

Dutch Embassy in Beijing

OCT Museum Gallery

The PIN Projects

Savonia University of Applied Sciences

St Lucas University Antwerp

Contemporary Design Culture

Finland Art Promotion Center

Ubi Gallery

Galelry RA

Copenhagen Goldsmiths' Guild

Klimt02 online


New Center of Contemporary Jewellery and Design Culture

Society of North American Goldsmiths

Collage of Design Innovation, Tongji University


University for the Creative Arts


Shengxi Art Museum

Gauguin Gallery